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Incredible Man Cave For Sale

Incredible Man Cave For Sale

Need to tune out work/the kids/the world for a few hours?

Should you be in the market, one man cave on steroids just hit the market. And we’re talking some Randy Savage, Incredible Hulk-level steroids, because the laundry list of stuff inside this place has us rubbing our eyes to make sure we’re not dreaming.

Outside the Dallas area, this building houses multiple “wings,” each with a theme. There’s Corvette Row, Muscle Car Row, Vintage Racer Row and the Tougher Truck Row. Additionally, there’s a full arcade, a poker room and a hidden heater behind a gun case murphy door. In total, here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • 20,000-square-foot space on three acres of land
  • 33 vehicles
  • Seven motorcycles and mini bikes
  • 12 neon signs
  • 50+ automobilia signs
  • 36 pedal cars
  • 15 vintage gas pumps
  • 20 arcade machines
  • 15 Coke, candy and popcorn machines
  • 50 guitars
  • Eight go-karts and dune buggies
  • Two drift trikes

Oh, and a hovercraft. Because of course this collection has a hovercraft.

Delightful “little” highlights include a 1938 Cadillac with a V-16 engine, a faux Tommy gun for completing the gangster look, and a large grass field out back to throw a little pigskin or play with one of the many motorized toys you now own.

I mean, holy sh*t.

An all-or-none deal, the estate is going for a cool $5.35M.

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