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Half Scale Mini Superbird

Half Scale Mini Superbird

Hands down the best part of this video is seeing this full sized man reach his giant arm out to pop that door open and then snake his way outta this thing. Talk about being the talk of the show, get me one of these things STAT.
Not everyone wants to shell out $200,000 or so to drive a Plymouth Superbird, even though the car is so cool it was based on a cartoon character. Rick Blekestad didn’t complain about the astronomical price of the classic muscle car, opting to build his own. Instead of trying to completely reproduce the legendary vehicle, Hemi engine and all, Blekestad decided to make an adorable half-scale replica that makes waves wherever it goes. The thing looks cool and ridiculous at the same time, like a bad-ass clown car that you just can’t take your eyes away from.


The car was made completely by hand through a painstaking custom job. The body is made entirely of fiberglass and has been plopped onto a go-kart chassis, making one wonder if the replica can out-handle the original. Instead of dropping a healthy V-8 under the hood, Blekestad decided to go with a more sane option and use a Briggs and Stratton motor that puts out a whopping eight horsepower. That doesn’t sound like much, but the curb weight of the little car is only 300 pounds, so a Hemi would’ve been pure suicide.


Blekestad actually drives the half-pint Superbird himself, which is no easy task considering it measures only two feet tall and nine feet long. The driver’s door actually opens and allows him to climb inside the incredibly cramped interior, where he essentially has to lay down. While it is honestly better-suited for children to drive, the fact that the little go-kart has been painstakingly crafted with incredible detail makes putting a little one behind the wheel reckless.


All of the major elements of the Superbird are there, including the huge rear wing, taillights, and the aerodynamic nose that humorously gives the car more of a bird-like appearance than the snub-nosed Road Runner.
There are windshield wipers and side mirrors, just like on the full-size car. Even though the passenger’s side door doesn’t open, it still has a handle and even a keyhole, adding to the authentic details. Oh, and there are the obligatory Warner Brothers Road Runner stickers, because you gotta have that piece of kitsch. Sometimes Blekestad even places a stuffed Road Runner doll on the trunk, helping the car-illiterate understand what kind of vehicle the go-kart is patterned after.


The fact that Blekestad can show up to a classic car show with a go-kart and turn heads is hilarious. Instead of paying attention to old Chevy Bel Airs, Ford Mustangs, or AMC Javelins, people just can’t help but stare at the car that doesn’t fit in with the rest. Others undoubtedly marvel that a person is piloting the little vehicle, and that it hasn’t been run over by one of the larger and more powerful cars on the road.


The novelty car has been featured in MOPAR Magazine for fans all over the nation to drool over. It is sometimes put next to a real Superbird or a Dodge Charger Daytona at car shows, highlighting just how close to the real deal the go-kart is.


Most people wouldn’t think of making a tribute to a classic muscle car converted for high-speed track racing by using a go-kart. It’s an unexpected way to hat-tip a vehicle that is beloved by many, plus it’s just so weird that it’s actually pretty cool.

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