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Known also as the Honda Z, Honda 600 coupe, Honda AZ600, and Honda Z600, the 600 was a two-door hatchback city car manufactured and marketed by Honda Motor Company from 1970-1974, with most American sales ending in 1972. Followed closely by the Honda Civic, the Honda 600 was considered a sports coupe and the first "mass market" car produced by Honda in the United States. The 600 also had a twin, the Z360, that had a slightly smaller engine while still having the same external aesthetic. Sold mainly at US motorcycle dealerships, it took a few years for Honda to gain renown with automobile dealers.

A large number of Honda 600s found their way to Germany, despite having never been marketed there. At the time, it was popular in Germany to downsleeve the engines of the 600s to fit a particular "Class IV" category of driver's licenses, which did not require an exam.


The 600 in the name refers to the engine size (598 cc), a moniker found mostly in the United States and the United Kingdom; the smaller Z360 (354 cc) was available in Japan, Australia, and across most of Europe. The 600 featured an independent, coil-sprung front suspension and leave springs on a beam axle rear suspension. Seating two adults, the 600 also featured a very small rear seat and shallow cargo area.

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