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The C/K trucks were manufactured by GM and marketed under the Chevrolet and GMC brands from 1960 until 2002. The "C" models featured a two-wheel drive configuration and the "K" models were four-wheel drive. As you can guess, the C10s featured two-wheel drive, but both the C10 and K10 were half-ton models available both as long-bed and short-bed trucks. The Chevrolet C10s were most popular in 1960, 1967, 1973, and 1988.

While largely produced in the United States, Sevel Argentina S.A. also built the Chevrolet C10 in its plant in Cordoba from 1985 - 1991.


Of all the available configurations for the C/K trucks, the C10 was the most common pickup. The long-bed variety featured a truck bed that was 8 feet long, the short-bed just 6.5 feet. There were two model variations, one feature wheels outside the truck bed and the other with inset wheels. The grille has had changes over the years, but all styles and year makes were essentially the same baring slight variations.

The C10 wouldn't see a full redesign until 1997 due to new federal regulations for light trucks. The C10 would be upgraded to include passenger airbags, which brought with it a slight redesign of the entire dashboard. 1997 was also the last year to feature the name "CHEVROLET" across the tailgate.

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