The Bid Continues gives you a second chance at making a deal on a vehicle that did not sell during the live auction. Buyers are able to submit offers which are then sent to the seller for consideration. You will be notified within 24 hours if the seller has accepted your offer or has a counter.

These listings are sorted by when they were added to the bid continues section. The vehicles that just finished live auction are displayed first.

The Bid Continues
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The Bid Continues for Sellers - Your Auction Guarantee

Listing your car with ACC Auctions is unlike any other online auction site out there. Your auction listing comes with the safety net of a premium classified ad at FREE of charge! The classified listing is “Run Til Sold” with NO expiration date. If your vehicle does not sell during the auction or bid continues period, we automatically convert your listing for you and send you your login info where you can edit your listing 24/7.

If your auction doesn’t sell during the live online auction or in the bid continues area, we will run it through again if you are willing to lower the reserve, aka the lowest price you’re willing to take for your vehicle. We also provide a discounted re-auction listing at only $49.00 - we just ask that you wait 4-6 weeks from the end of your bid continues period before doing so.

The Bid Continues for Bidders - Your Best Deal Guarantee

When a car doesn’t get sold at live auction, it instantly gets moved over to the Bid Continues for another two weeks. This gives potential buyers ample time to consider the vehicle and make another (or a new) bid on a car. Unlike most classic auto auctions, we give all vehicles ample time to be investigated by potential buyers. After all, our end goal is to find them a new home, not frustrated sellers.

Unlike in live auction, offers submitted and accepted during the bid continues period are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Also unlike during live auction, a credit car is not required to submit an offer to the seller. But, if your offer is accepted, the 5% buyer’s fee still applies before you will be connected to the seller of the vehicle.


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