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Nexus Auto Transport

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Moving is a lot of work, let us take care of your car transportation for you.  We are a fast and reliable auto transport service provider to meet all your auto transportation requirements. At Nexus Auto Transport, we know auto transportation and our services span far and wide, providing assistance for all your auto transportation needs:

  • Personal Shipping: Our door-to-door auto transport service is a hassle-free solution for residential customers across the United States. Swapping addresses take a toll; we try and make it a little lighter for you.
  • Bulk Shipping: We offer dedicated auto transport services to haul in bulk orders for car dealers, corporate entities, and anyone requiring bulk services.
  • Classic Shipping: Our classic shipping is ideal for exotic and antique cars and automobiles that require extensive care.


Here at Nexus Auto Transport, we pride ourselves in providing personalized and carefree, nationwide car transport services.

24/7 Services

At Nexus Auto Transport, we understand how valuable your time is and how important your vehicles are to you. We ensure that you remain updated throughout the transit procedure. Our agents are also available 24/7 and are always happy to talk you in case you need to reach out to us.

Personalized Quotes

Get a personalized quote for your transit that meets your requirements: priority, requirements, and budget. Our agents are there to meet your auto transport needs. Get your personalized quote now.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Our exceptional service is reflected through our loyal client base and exceeding reputation. We are licensed, bonded, and fully insured so that you can enjoy your peace of mind. With us, your vehicle is in safe hands!


“Your Classic Car is your baby, when safe and professional transportation of your vehicle is what you are looking for, ACC strongly recommends Nexus Auto Transport


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Seasonal Relocations

If you live in Alaska, North Dakota or Maine, you will almost certainly want to packs things up for a trip to the south when the rough winters come in. And indeed, the cold seasons are flooded with “snowbirds” ready to fly south for the comforting warmth. As such, a large number of vehicles must travel south and back, and almost every auto transporter is overflowed with too many orders.

Thankfully, Nexus Auto Transport has elaborate arrangements to assure maximum availability in the snowbird season, to make sure you can easily travel south and back home without hassle, and your car with you.

Open Carrier Auto Shipping

Open-carrier auto shipping is the standard method to transfer vehicles in large numbers over cities or States. It is affordable, cost-effective, secure and of course, fully insured against all accidental damages.

Basically, vehicles are transported on the open car carrier, stacked neatly in rows and columns. This is highly useful for people in need of transferring ordinary cars at a budget price, or car dealers looking to carry a large number of vehicles at a reasonable rate. While dealers interested in bulk ordering get exciting discounts, home users get the comfort of door-to-door car shipping service at a comfortable price, while still fully insured against all sorts of damages.

Enclosed Auto Shipping

Cars will be transferred in special, enclosed auto carriers which are safeguarded against all such elements that an open carrier would be exposed to. This is the preferred mode for shipping expensive, classic and antiquated vehicles that require special attention and cautious handling.

During transit, your vehicle is insured up to $1,000,000.00, so we take complete responsibility of protecting your beloved automobile against all that the harsh outside world has to offer.

Car Dealers

Nexus Auto Transfer offers several perks and discounts to car dealers willing to build a long-term relationship with us. You will be able to choose between our standard open carrier or the more carefree closed carrier, based on the kind of vehicles you are transporting and their estimated value.

We offer personalized quotes and huge discounts on bulk orders received from car dealerships. We take all responsibility of your vehicles as they are in transit and insure it against all damages. Further, we offer a 24/7 consumer satisfaction services, just to make sure that we work full-time to ensure quality services for you.

Priority Express Shipping

Are you the kind of person who does not hesitate to spend an additional few bucks to get priority treatment? Would you like us to handle your outstanding automobile with greater care? Would you like your transit to be handled faster and more efficiently than others? While Nexus Auto Transport assures custom satisfaction in all its services, we also take great pride in our exclusive, priority express car shipping service.

Your endeared vehicle is transported faster and with greater care. You also receive priority customer support round the clock. We keep you up-to-date with all the minute details in transit, and of course, your vehicle is shipped to your door.

Classic Car Shipping

Did you just spend a fortune on buying the vehicle of your dreams? Is your high-dollar automobile coming right out of an auction? If so, you will almost certainly want to ensure much, much more cautious and careful handling throughout transit. If that’s the case, we can help you.

Our classic car shipping service ensures enclosed auto shipping with special handling and treatment, to ensure that your vehicle reaches your doorstep just as new as it was at the auction or tradeshow!

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