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Corvette Engines: A Journey through Generations

Corvette Engines: A Journey through Generations

Once upon a time, there was the Blue Flame Six – Chevy’s humble economy engine. With its potential for easy modifications and power upgrades, it became a favorite among enthusiasts. But then, everything changed with the arrival of the small-block V-8. This exceptional powerhouse became an icon in Detroit’s history, outperforming all others.

Not content with just that, Chevy unleashed the mighty big-block engines in 1965. These engines, boasting various iterations like the legendary L71 427/435, the 427 L88, the 427 ZL1, and the 430 Can-Am, etched their names in the annals of automotive greatness.

While the small-block and big-block engines were awe-inspiring, nothing prepared us for the LS-series. Introduced in 1997, these engines evolved over the years, reaching their pinnacle with the magnificent 2019 ZR1, equipped with the formidable 755-horsepower LT5.

The legacy continues with the advent of the mid-engined C8 Corvette Stingray. Powering this marvel is a new iteration of GM’s 6.2-liter “small block” V-8, affectionately known as the LT2. And let’s not forget about the powerhouse that lies under the hood of the current Z06 Corvette. The new LT6 engine, featuring a flat-plane crank design, revolutionizes performance, making it the epitome of technological advancement. With 670 horsepower, this naturally aspirated V-8 is unrivaled in any production car.

But wait, there’s more. Brace yourselves, as the V8 engine of the Corvette has finally embraced electrification. Collaborating flawlessly with the mighty LT2 V8 engine, an e-AWD system now powers this technological marvel.

Step into the world of Corvette engines and prepare for an extraordinary experience like no other.


Close-up of C1 Corvette Engine


1967 L68 427CI engine in open hood of white C2 Corvette


1969 Corvette L88 Engine


1984 L83 350CI V8 Engine


1998 Corvette Pace Car LS1 Engine


C6 Corvette LS7 7.0L Engine


2015 C7 Z06 LT4 Engine

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