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Oldsmobile Delta 88


The Oldsmobile Delta 88 is a full-size car produced and sold by Oldsmobile from 1949 to 1999. Named as a continuation of the already established 76 and 98, the 88 actually took the place of the straight-8 engined 78 in the lineup. The Delta name was an upscale of the existing Dynamic 88, creating variants like the Dynamic 88 Delta and Super 88.

For nearly 25 years, the Delta 88 was the division's top-selling line, a fact that changed Oldsmobile's image and brought about mainstream popularity for the vehicle. It is rumored to have inspired the saying "Make a Date with a Rocket 88" and even a song, "Rocket 88," which was one of the first rock and roll songs to reach number one on the Billboard R&B charts.


Known for its small size, light weight, and overhead-valve high-compression V8 engine, the Oldsmobile Delta 88 is arguably considered the first muscle car in certain circles. The original 1949 Delta 88 was equipped with an ignition key and a push-to-start button, a feature well ahead of its time in terms of popularity. Throughout the years, the Delta 88 would see changes to the overall styling, transitioning from a Coke-bottle profile and semi-fastback rooflines to feature a more rounded style with revised grilles and tail sections.

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