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Oldsmobile 442


The Oldsmobile 4-4-2 was a muscle car produced by Oldsmobile between 1964 and 1987. Originally introduced as an option package for F-85 and Cutlass models, it became a model in its own right in 1968, produced until 1971. The " 4-4-2 " name comes from the original car's four-barrel carburetor, four-speed manual transmission, and dual exhausts system. Originally written with hyphens, the name was shortened in 1968 to the " 442 " seen today. Also in 1968, Oldsmobile partnered with Hurst Performance Research Corporation and jointly created the Hurst/Olds. The limited production of the Hurst/Olds vehicles involved enhancing various cosmetic and mechanical aspects of the 442. All of these exclusive cars were painted Peruvian Silver with black striping and white pinstripes, Hurst/Olds badging, and a dashboard insert made of real walnut wood.


Considered by some to be just a "beefed up" Cutlass, the 442 had a stiffened frame, adjustable pinion angle (by means of holes in the frame mounts for the rear upper control arms), a four-speed manual transmission, and oversized brakes. It also had heavy duty wheels, heavy-duty shock absorbers, and larger anti-roll bars on both the front and rear. The second year variations were very similar to the originals, except for a division between the grilles, trunk inlets for the tail lights, wing windows, paint scheme, and standard front headrests in the front seats. Twin hood stripes were also now available on a new, dual-bulged hood.

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