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ACC Auctions was designed to provide a safe and simple experience for both buyers and sellers.  

Sellers submit their vehicles to ACC Auctions and our team begins going through every detail possible to ensure the vehicle is of the quality that buyers are expecting.  

We work closely with the sellers to present buyers with honest information and high quality photos.  We also make sure their listings include all of the everything you could possibly need to know about that vehicle, before you bid on it.  

During the live auctions you will be able to post comments and questions which the sellers and other members of the ACC Auctions community can reply to.  We want you to feel like you have a perfect understanding of the vehicle and its condition before you proceed with bidding. 

Once the auction has ended and the reserve has been met, the seller and winning bidder will be sent each-others contact information so that both sides can work towards finalizing the sale.  If you have any questions at anytime feel free to contact us at 888-472-9696 or [email protected]


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