Selling a Car at ACC Auctions
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Selling a Car @ ACC Auctions

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Listing your car with ACC Auctions is unlike any other auction site out there.  Your auction listing comes with the safety net of a premium classified ad at FREE of charge! The classified listing is “Run Til Sold” with NO expiration date. If your vehicle does not sell during the auction or bid continues period, we automatically convert your listing for you and send you your login info where you can edit your listing 24/7.


Online Auction - How it Works

The live auction runs for 7 days, if it does not sell during the auction, we send your listing to our Bid Continues section where it gets parked for an additional 14 days. Buyers who may have missed out on the auction have this extra time to submit offers. After the Bid Continues period expires, it is at that time when we automatically send your listing to to run as a regular for sale ad until you get it sold. 

During the auction, you may be asked questions by commenters and bidders. We’ve found that online auctions where sellers participate actively tend to be more successful – both in terms of selling the car and the final sale price. Your auction will likely go more smoothly if you answer questions thoroughly, provide photos when asked, and do your best to be honest and up-front about your car and its condition.

At the conclusion of an auction, you’ll be given the buyer’s contact information, and vice versa, so that you and the buyer can finalize the logistics of the transaction.


Selling Tips

  • Consign Early - The sooner your vehicle(s) are in the auction’s database, the better. The more time potential buyers have to evaluate the items at an online auction, the more likely they are to purchase. 
  • Know Your Market - Just because your vehicle is worth $100,000 in your eyes doesn't mean it’s necessarily worth $100,000 to anyone else. Study past auctions and do research online to accurately determine the worth of your vehicle; then, set the price accordingly. Take into account any seasonal price adjustments as well as any necessary repair/maintenance costs that would come with the vehicle. 
  • Put Your Best Face Forward - The appearance of your vehicle matters. Reconditioning and detailing can make quite a difference and can often yield better returns than passing these maintenance aspects on to the potential buyer.



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