Buying a Car at ACC Auctions
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Buying a Car @ ACC Auctions



Perform your due diligence

& Place your bids



If you WIN,

Pay the 5% buyer’s premium



Connect with the seller

& finalize the sale

When you bid on a car, you’re agreeing to buy it if you end up as the highest bidder – so you should perform your due diligence before placing a bid. That means carefully reviewing the photos, videos, and description(s), asking the seller questions, or even scheduling a trip to see the car in person. 


After Auction For Winning Bidders

Winning bidders pay a buyer’s fee that is 5% of their winning bid amount. This buyer’s fee helps prove you are a legitimate buyer, giving us confidence to connect you with a seller. Final bids are binding, and typically there are no refunds should you wish to change your mind after winning a bid. However, we may issue refunds on a case-by-case basis if you can prove that a seller significantly misrepresented a vehicle. Using a service like for a guaranteed secure payment is always a good idea, especially when buying from a private seller.

After an auction, you receive the seller’s contact information and vice versa, so that you and the seller can finalize the details and logistics of the transaction. Unlike some other collector car auction companies, we are happy to help where we can - including with shipping quotes and financing options. Buying a car is an exciting time and we do everything we can to be here for our customers.


Buying Tips

  • Do Your Research - Take advantage of all information. Check out our Sold Auctions to see what past vehicles went for and look around at similar auctions for prices on the make/model. Thoroughly preview the vehicle you wish to purchase and note any questions you may have for the seller.
  • Be Present at Auction - When the bidding starts, make yourself known and check back regularly to see the progress being made on bids for the vehicle you’re after. It’s not courteous to show up at the end and steal the prize away from someone else - be present throughout the bidding process to make it equal and fair for everyone involved.
  • Know the Vehicle’s Worth - Don’t walk away from your dream car for the sake of $100. One more bid may be all you need to secure a quality vehicle in great condition. That said, it’s equally important to know when to walk away - don’t end up getting into a bidding war if it’s only backed by ego and not vehicle worth.




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