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1969 MG C Convertible

2.9-liter inline-six - 4-Spd Manual

Convertible Foreign & Import MG MGC
Lot # 3342
Location Atlanta, GA 30339
Seller Dealer
2.9-liter inline-six
4-Spd Manual
British Racing Green
Asking Price: $46,985 Questions

The 1969 MG C Convertible is a classic British sports car that exudes charm and style. MG, which stands for Morris Garages, is renowned for producing small, agile, and fun-to-drive vehicles, and the MG C is no exception.

Exterior: Body Design: The MG C features a sleek and timeless design with smooth, flowing lines. The convertible version adds a touch of elegance, emphasizing the car’s sporty nature. Grille: The front grille is distinctive, often characterized by a chrome surround and vertical slats, bearing the classic MG badge at the center.

Headlights: Circular headlights are a signature feature, giving the car a distinctive and friendly face. Convertible Top: The soft convertible top can be lowered for open-air driving, adding to the car’s appeal and providing an exhilarating driving experience.

Interior: Cockpit: The interior of the MG C is designed with the driver in mind, featuring a simple yet functional dashboard layout. The driver-focused cockpit enhances the connection between the driver and the car. Seating: The convertible typically offers comfortable seating for two occupants, emphasizing the car’s sporty and intimate nature.

Materials: Classic British craftsmanship is evident in the use of quality materials such as leather and wood, adding a touch of luxury to the interior. Performance:

Engine: The 1969 MG C is powered by a 2.9-liter inline-six engine, a departure from the four-cylinder engines found in earlier MG models. This engine provides a balance of power and performance. This particluar expample has been modified with 9.5:1 overbore pistons, a D9 performance camshaft, triple Weber DCOE carburators, Maniflow header, a lightened flywheel and dual exhaust.

Transmission: It is often equipped with a manual transmission, allowing drivers to fully engage with the driving experience. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a four speed manual tramsission with an optional electrically -acurated overdrive ad an 3.70:1 rear axle ratio. Both clutch and overdsrive were rebuilt in 2011.

Handling: Known for its nimble handling, the MG C delivers a spirited and engaging driving experience, making it a favorite among enthusiasts. The suspension has been modified with 1″ front torsion bars.
Braking: Four piston calipers and cross drilled rotors at the front and drum brakes in the rear.

Wheels and Tires:
Wire Wheels: Many MG C Convertibles are equipped with classic wire-spoke wheels, contributing to the car’s vintage and sophisticated appearance. This does have the 15″ Dayton knock-off wire wheels.
Tires: The tires are relatively narrow, maintaining a connection with the road that enhances the car’s agility. Fitted with new 185/70 HR15 Vredesdtein Sprint Classic tires.


1969 MG C Convertible


1969 MG C Convertible

1969 MG C Convertible



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