1967 Jeep M725 AMBULANCE

Asking Price: $18,500

Vehicle Location: Fredericksburg, TX
Auction Type: Reserve
Mileage: 11032
Engine:  230 I6
Transmission: Manual
Exterior: Green
Interior: Green
VIN: 3F056910003
Party: Dealer

Here’s something we don’t see every day. We sell a pretty fair number of classic cars and trucks but this 1967 Kaiser Jeep M725 Ambulance is a little out of the ordinary. An ambulance variant of the M715 11/4 ton light military truck produced from 1967-1969, these M725’s saw extensive service during the Vietnam war.

1967 Jeep M725

This nicely restored example was owned by the Newark, Maryland Volunteer Fire Department and has been featured in numerous parades. Beneath the expansive hood is the correct 230 ci OHC ‘Tornado’ I6 engine, an advanced design for its day that featured a cross-flow cylinder head with hemispherical combustion chambers.

1967 Jeep M725

Additional features include 4-wheel drive with front and rear Dana axles, a Warner T-98 4-speed manual transmission, 24-Volt electrical system (no wonder she starts so easily!), four litter racks, surgical light, air ventilators, and twin Jerry cans.

1967 Jeep M725

Our rolling piece of military history is sporting Army Medical Service livery and is an excellent example that starts easily and runs well. Ready for parades, a collection, or just bringing your friends home from the winery (!), this beast is ready to continue serving. Delivery options limited with this vehicle due to size.

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  1. JA

    man this thing is cool!

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