Asking Price: $196,000 Questions

1935 Ford “Reaper” Extreme 1000HP Custom Built SEMA Truck – Gen 3 Coyote V8 – Advanced hydraulic system

Asking Price: $196,000 Questions

Vehicle Location: Marietta, GA 30067
Auction Type: Reserve
Engine: Gen 3 V8 Coyote
Exterior:  Gray
Interior: Black
VIN: F5R1000178TR
Party: Dealer








  • HighPerformance Engine: Gen 3 V8 Coyote motor built to handle a whopping 1600 horsepower, complemented by twin mirrored Garrett 68 mm turbos.
  • Symmetrical Design: Every component, from engine to aesthetics, mirrored from right to left for perfect symmetry.
  • Unique Transmission: Exposed custommilled 6XD billet aluminum sequential 6speed gearbox.
  • Premium Interiors: Customized cabin featuring stateoftheart stereo, heated & cooled cup holder seats, and a removable steering wheel.
  • Artistry: Stunning airbrush artwork throughout, showcasing “The Reaper” prominently in the bed.
  • Safety & Control: 6piston Wilwood brakes upfront and 4piston at the rear, hydraulic suspension, and electric emergency brake.
  • Tech Upgrades: Emtron KV8 ECU with AIMS PDM32, AIMS 10inch digital dash, and Stinger radio head unit.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Four cameras offering a complete 360degree view.
  • AwardWinning Recognition: Debuted at SEMA 2022, placing in the top 10 Battle of the Builders’ Young Guns category.
  • Valuation: Appraised at a significant $350,000.00 for reproduction, underscoring its uniqueness and value.
  • Experience unmatched craftsmanship and power with the “Reaper” a true embodiment of automotive art and innovation.

“For Sale: 1935 “”Reaper”” Extreme Truck – A Symphonic Blend of Art & Power



Engine: Gen 3 V8 Coyote motor crafted by Performance Race Engines, engineered to command a roaring 1600 horsepower, adorned with twin mirrored Garrett 68 mm turbos.
Design: Every component, right from engine parts to accessories, is meticulously mirrored from right to left ensuring absolute symmetry.
Transmission: Exquisite exposed custom-milled 6XD billet aluminum sequential 6-speed gearbox.
Intake & Valve Covers: Frankenstein billet aluminum intake with custom billet valve covers.
Exhaust: Tailor-made titanium exhaust.
Chassis: Frame and sub-components enrobed in powder coating.
Wheels: High-grade BC Forged wheels.
Electronics: State-of-the-art Emtron KV8 ECU dovetailed with the AIMS PDM32.
Interior: Plush custom design comprising a modern stereo system, dual heated & cooled cup holder seats, a handy phone charging pad, contemporary seat belts, and a detachable steering wheel.
Doors: Avant-garde suicide doors equipped with convenient fob poppers.
Suspension: Advanced hydraulic system.
Artistry: Exquisite airbrush artwork embellishing the truck, with “”The Reaper”” proudly displayed in the bed.
Brakes: Reliable 6-piston Wilwood brakes upfront and 4-piston at the back, further enhanced with an electric emergency brake.
Accessories: Snap On tool kit, a slick carbon fiber drag style wing, and a meticulously designed flush-mounted license plate and brake lights, including a third light.
Rear: Sturdy 8.8 Ford rear end.
Protection: Premium PPF on 70% of the exterior and a 10-year ceramic coating enveloping the entire vehicle.
Lighting: Modern LED programmable lights embellishing the floorboards, tiered headliner, exterior grill, and the undercarriage.

The Story:
Dive into the world of unparalleled craftsmanship with the “”Reaper””. This unique hot rod truck is a seamless blend of artistic flair and sheer power. With just a push of a button, choose from three pre-set power options to suit your drive mood. This bespoke truck, which marked its debut in the illustrious K&N Air Filter booth at SEMA 2022, secured a coveted spot in the top 10 Battle of the Builders in the Young Guns category. Every corner of the truck is a testament to intricate detailing – be it the mesmerizing artwork, the sophisticated fabrication, or the avant-garde electronics.

Truly, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! It has been meticulously appraised at a staggering $350,000.00 to recreate.




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